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Lead Generation Toolkit

We use a variety of techniques to generate, manage and convert leads.

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Digital Marketing Toolkit

We have the tools and capability to extend your reach, giving small to medium marketing teams the capability of much larger teams at a fraction of the cost of recruiting

Maven TM uses the full range of digital marketing techniques for both stand alone and integrated lead generation activity


Social Media


Maven TM are experienced in using Social Media directly to generate leads where calling is not an option. It is also useful as a nurturing platform. We also use it in conjunction with traditional telemarketing to help make contact with prospects before they are called – turning a cold call into a warm call to increase the chances of having a successful and productive conversation.


Email Campaigns


We can work with you to create and send out marketing emails on your behalf as well as create and send out marketing emails on your behalf as well as handling all resulting inbound emails and calls. We can work in your own email tool or using our own resources. Email also has a key role in lead nurturing.


marketing automation


Maven TM use marketing automation every day and are experts in how to maximise the benefits of this technology to deliver more qualified leads and gain full visibility of lead activity. If you already use marketing automation, we can work directly in your system, but if you are considering investing in such technology, we also provide practical advice in how to implement and use.


content marketing


In the new B2B sales environment, content marketing is a significant tool in lead generation. We know what works and can help advise you on the best approach, as well as creating content on your behalf. We also use various social media and digital techniques to ensure this content is shared generally as well as targeting previously identified leads as part of ongoing lead nurturing activity.


market research


Digital marketing can be used for market research as well as complementing telemarketing-based research. Surveys can be created to determine market needs, for competitive research and to discover other information about your prospects. These results can be used in a range of marketing activities such as lead generation, developing market-entry strategies and PR.