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Why outsource?

Maven TM operates as your outsourced lead generation and inside sales team. This gives you the flexibility to quickly direct resources at specific campaigns as business dictates, as well as reducing the effort during quiet periods and ramping up during busy times.

The alternative is to establish an in-house team.  If you already have one, is it staffed by the correct people? Are they given enough consistent work to become truly effective? If you need to work in new markets can you be sure you have the correct language skills available?

If you do not have an in house team, but decide the business needs to establish one, there will be an inevitable delay as you hire the right resources and establish the most effective working practices.

Generating B2B sales leads is a skilled role that does not suit everyone. Do you have the skills needed to hire the correct people and then manage them effectively?

Outsourcing removes these headaches. If you resource to Maven TM, you get access to the right people at the right time. We are focused on meeting your targets so you can relax in the knowledge that your lead generation is in the hands of experts.





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