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At Maven TM we offer a wide range of inbound services to help B2B companies grow. Operating across 24 time zones and offering services in 18 languages we can provide a truly global reach for your company. Discover how our team of experts can help you to grow your sales pipeline and adapt to a changing business environment. With comprehensive experience in inbound services, we're sure we can deliver results.


Inbound Lead Qualification


First Class Multi-Lingual, Multi-Channel Inside Sales Support, including query handling, lead qualification, SQL conversion and lead assignment.

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Customer Support


OMNI-CHANNEL customer support services across 18 languages and 24 time zones, so your customers can contact you when and how they wish to.

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Inside Sales


Move MQLs through your full sales funnel. We can undertake the complete sales process for anything from low-value consumables to high-value products.

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Social Channel Management


Discover how our social media monitoring, development and marketing services can increase your sales pipeline.

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Overflow Support


Handle and resolve more queries at peak demand times and avoid customer dissatisfaction. Maven TM can seamlessly integrate with your systems for overflow resolution.

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Lead Capture


Route call-to-action email and webforms to our inside sales experts to ensure relevant qualified opportunities are passed to Sales

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Inbound Services provided


Inbound Lead qualification

Our Inbound call centre model allows you to get a very highly responsive customer service framework up and running in a very short span of time. Our Inbound call centre service helps you to increase your sales growth across multiple sites, geographies and channels. The model will help you identify leads faster and ensure qualified opportunities are followed up by the right sales team. 


Customer Support

Direct out of hours or international customer care calls and web chats to your company to our specialist team. 

Ensure your valued customers get the answers they want anytime, anywhere. We provide follow-the-sun global support in more than 18 different languages.

Inside Sales (5)

InSide Sales 

Here at Maven TM, we can handle your inside sales process. We take care of sales funnel management, stage qualification and the nurturing of MQLs through the sales cycle. We can handle all enquiries, provide quotes to prospects and our expert team undertake timely follow up activities to help you close new business. 

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Social Media Management

Social Media Listening and Marketing using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, allows businesses to build brand awareness, reach out to potential and new customers in order to increase website traffic, generate leads and boost online sales.

Using our Social Media Management, we assist companies in maximising the potential opportunities presented in each social channel. We offer a full suite of Social Media Management packages that are scalable depending on the number of channels being employed, the frequency of posts and outsourcing requiredNew call-to-action

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Overflow Support

Business and consumer calls can fluctuate month to month. If your contact centre cannot facilitate the peaks, you potentially lose business opportunities, or you frustrate your existing customers leading to brand damage.

Business owners understand the need to maximise business opportunities as much as possible. Using our after hours and overflow support model you can, increase resolution times on inbound calls improving customer satisfaction, lower operating costs as there is no need to invest in more infrastructure for support services or additional employees and increase sales by ensuring no calls are missed and all inbound opportunities are been qualified and supported.

Lead Capture

Qualified leads are the foundation of a healthy sales pipeline and a strong business. Route call to action emails and web form submissions to our expert agents who can efficiently convert them into qualified opportunities. Remove the complicated, challenging and time-consuming workload from your sales team allowing them to focus purely on selling. 

Key benefits include;

Efficient conversations with top, qualified prospects- Appointments are set with the most qualified buyers, eliminating waste that can impact upon the productivity of your sales team.

Improved concentration on nurturing and closing for your sales team – Your team isn’t frustrated and burdened with time-consuming activities that don’t align with their core goal of selling

Faster time from lead targeting to nurturing – Your sales cycle functions more swiftly with better targeting on highly qualified opportunities which already have appointment follow ups set, allowing you to complete more sales.

Lower costs – The costs of hiring an expert partner are offset by the time saved internally, and higher productivity.


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Lead Generation


Effective lead generation is a critical part of your success. When dealing with long and complex sales cycles, it is important that there is continual lead generation to ensure a ready supply of qualified leads entering your sales funnel.

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Maven TM can make a real difference to your sales pipeline. To find out how we can develop a tailor made lead generation solution to meet your needs, get in touch today.

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