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Social Media Management

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Delivering the right message to your target audience

Our team of digital marketing professionals know the ins and outs of all social channels and use platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to build brand awareness and reach out to both existing customers and potential prospects in order to boost traffic, generate leads and increase online sales.

Using our Social Media Management, we assist companies in maximising the potential opportunities presented in each social channel. We offer a full suite of Social Media Management packages that are scalable depending on the number of channels being employed, the frequency of posts and the outsourcing required


Quality Content


Our team at Maven TM create and post relevant, visually pleasing and engaging content across all your social platforms.


Increase Followers


Maven can help to grow your social following across all your channels. Enabling you to connect with more prospects.


Social Media Advertising


Don't worry about sponsored posts, here at Maven TM we take care of bidding strategies and target audiences to ensure you reach the right people.

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Performance Analytics


Here at Maven TM we constantly monitor what works with your target audience in order to gain insight and maximise the return on your investment.


LinkedIn Lead Generation


Our team of Sales Development Representatives use specialised tools to expertly generate meaningful leads from the largest professional social network in the world.

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Social Media Evaluation


We analyse your social media accounts, your followers and competitors to understand your current position and develop an effective strategy


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With this information, and our lead generation expertise & industry knowledge, we will devise a tailored approach specifically designed to deliver results for your business


Demand Generation


Effective demand generation is a critical part of your success. When dealing with long and complex sales cycles, it is important that there is continual demand generation to ensure a ready supply of qualified leads entering your sales funnel.

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