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Nurturing Leads
from prospects into leads

Only a small percentage of any market is ready to purchase at any given time. At Maven TM we understand the importance of not only acquiring leads but guiding them through your sales funnel to the point of purchase. Our team of Business Development Representatives help you to maintain relationships with prospects, leads and Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) while they make their decision to deliver Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) for your company.

How we nurture leads

Multichannel Approach

Multichannel Approach


Maven TM uses a multichannel approach to lead nurturing. We can use marketing automation, email marketing, social media, content marketing and telemarketing activities to reach prospects at several touchpoints to guide them through your sales funnel.

Marketing Automation- Digital Marketing (1)

Marketing Automation


Marketing Automation is an extremely useful process when it comes to lead nurturing with today's longer sales cycle. Helpful to identify, segment and target specific buyer personas, lead scoring processes and personalisation of marketing activities. We can help you get the best out of this technology.

Experts (2)

Specialist Team


Our team consists of vastly experienced professionals. They provide personal, timely follow-ups with prospects. They understand the nuances of buyer language and can recognise prospects with potential to be converted into SQLS.

focusing on Maintaining relationships
guiding leads through your sales funnel

When you trust us with lead nurturing for your business, our main focus is to provide your company with SQLs. We use lead scoring to effectively establish where a lead is on their buying journey, a combination of years of experience and expert-level knowledge allow us to deliver the most effective, personalised lead nurturing strategies on your behalf. Reach out today and find out how we can take care of lead nurturing so you focus on closing sales.




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Lead Generation


Effective lead generation is a critical part of your success. When dealing with long and complex sales cycles, it is important that there is continual lead generation to ensure a ready supply of qualified leads entering your sales funnel.

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