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Technolgy Specialists

Experienced Professionals
Specialists in the technology industry

Here at Maven TM, we specialise in the technology industry, in order to provide the best possible service to our clients we only hire the most technically proficient staff. Our team consists of experienced professionals who have undertaken campaigns on behalf of the world's largest technology firms.

What our team offers

Unscripted Conversation- Telemarketing (2)

Unscripted Conversations


Our team of specialists have conducted countless highly technical conversations with key decision-makers. They can represent your business as effectively as your own sales team and engage in free-flowing, knowledgeable conversation with prospects.

Product Demo- Telemarketing

Product Demonstrations


If you provide a web-based solution our team can run demos on your behalf. They will act as a member of your team and answer any question which may arise. Aiming to close business for you, freeing you up to build your business.

multilingual- Telemarketing

Multilingual Services


Our team speaks 18 languages and operate in 24 time zones. Having access to such language skills allows you to reach a much wider audience. working with Maven TM means that you can be assured of a consistency of message and quality across multiple territories.

Areas Of Technolgy


Infrastructure Solutions


We have experience in conducting campaigns for Infrastructure Solution providers who provide services including servers, storage, converged, composable, virtual, cloud and hybrid infrastructures.

Data Centre

Data Centres


Our team have represented Data centred dealing with colocation, IAAS, real estate, cross-connectivity, API’s to cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure.

Big Data

Big Data


We have undertaken campaigns for clients in Data Security, Data Warehousing, Busines Intelligence, Analytics, Data Storage, Back-Up and Disaster Recovery Solutions.

Cyber Security (1)

IT Security


Let us help your cybersecurity business grow. SIEM, Firewalls, Network Security solutions, Server Security, Printer Security, Encryption, Pen Testing Services and Solutions, Advanced Threat Protection, End Point Protection are all within our area of expertise.


SAAS Solutions


SaaS technology has completely reinvented the B2B software space and Maven TM has completely reinvented lead generation for this new era in corporate IT. With experience in ERP, CRM, Financial, BI, Procurement, IT Management, Operational and Education solutions.

Microsoft Solutions (1)

Microsoft Solutions


Over the years our experienced team have conducted several campaigns relating to the Microsoft ‘stack’ including Office 365, MS security solutions, Azure, Dynamics 365, MS Navision, Dynamics AX, and Power BI.

Managed Services

Managed Services


Our clients involved in managed services are comprised primarily of partners of the OEM manufacturers. We have worked with many of the main IT service companies in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

It Distributors

IT Distributors


Maven TM has conducted extensive work with IT distribution companies who have ‘managed’ marketing campaigns on behalf of OEM’s, and selected OEM partners / resellers to pass leads to.

Growing Your Business

At Maven TM, we speak the language of business along with 18 others. We can help you reach your target audience wherever they are in the world and ensure that the agent representing your business is experienced, knowledgable and professional. Contact us today and find out more about how our team of technology specialists can help grow your business.

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