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Customer Support Services

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Never miss a call

mulitlingual Customer support services

Business and consumer calls can fluctuate month to month. If your contact centre cannot facilitate the peaks, you potentially lose business opportunities, or you frustrate your existing customers leading to brand damage.

Ensure your valued customers get the answers they want anytime, anywhere. We provide global support in more than 18 different languages.

Using our after hours and overflow support model you can, increase resolution times on inbound calls improving customer satisfaction, lower operating costs and increase sales by ensuring no calls are missed and all inbound opportunities are qualified.

Multilingual (3)

Multilingual Team


The Maven TM team speak 18 international languages. Ensuring you deliver the right message to your customers wherever they are in the world.

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Technology Specialists


Our team have worked with some of the biggest names in the technology sector. You can rest easy knowing you're being represented by an experienced professional.


Omnichannel Support


Direct out of hours or international customer care calls or web chats to your company to our specialist team and have them resolved efficiently. 


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With this information, and our lead generation expertise & industry knowledge, we will devise a tailored approach specifically designed to deliver results for your business


Lead Generation


Effective lead generation is a critical part of your success. When dealing with long and complex sales cycles, it is important that there is continual lead generation to ensure a ready supply of qualified leads entering your sales funnel.

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Maven TM can make a real difference to your sales pipeline. To find out how we can develop a tailor made lead generation solution to meet your needs, get in touch today.

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