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Lead Generation Toolkit

We use a variety of techniques to generate, manage and convert leads.

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TELEMarketing Toolkit

We have the tools and capability to extend your reach, giving small to medium marketing teams the capability of much larger teams at a fraction of the cost of recruiting

Telemarketing is a powerful and flexible technique in lead generation. Our experts can deliver the service you need - and expect.


Lead Generation & qualification


Telemarketing has a major role to play in complex B2B Lead Generation. Our telemarketing agents are experts in conducting detailed, unscripted, technical conversations with prospects. Maven TM’s relentless focus on training our staff, ensures they understand your industry, your culture and, most importantly, your offering. You can relax knowing that our staff are representing you as professionally as if they were your staff to generate high quality, relevant and actionable leads.


Lead nurturing & management


It is thought that as few as 3% of an addressable market is in a position to buy at any given time. Lead nurturing is therefore critical to ensure prospects remain engaged until they are ready to buy. Our lead nurturing and management services manage the movement of prospects through your sales funnel, until they are ready to buy. Outsourcing your nurturing to Maven TM will allow you to close more, higher value leads.


Appointment Setting


Our agents work closely with your sales teams. One of the main deliverables from telemarketing is properly qualified and scheduled appointments. We can work directly with you or your individual field sales representatives to ensure you receive a detailed brief on the prospect including background, and where possible, issues and requirements. We also work with their individual calendars to streamline the scheduling of these meetings.


Product Demos


If you are selling a web-based solution, our team can run customer demos on your behalf. They will act as one of your team and will be briefed to handle any questions that could arise. Their aim is to use these demos to directly close business for you. This frees up your precious internal resources and lets you focus on building your business.




Some customers use our telemarketing agents to conduct surveys on their behalf. They can be used for market research and competitive intelligence or as another approach to lead generation. Our team are expert at running surveys across a number of industries and being able to spot potential customer interest and converting that to a potential lead for you.


Multilingual services


Our multilingual agents conduct campaigns across multiple territories. Having just one agency to handle all your language requirements means that you can easily access the language skills when you need them, and your management time and costs are dramatically reduced. It means that you can be assured of a consistency of message and quality across multiple territories. Contact us today to improve your overseas sales activity.