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Advantages of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

02 Sep 2022 | By Maven TM Team


Every company strives to grow in profitability and arguably, the most straightforward way of achieving this is by achieving customer satisfaction, ensuring that existing customers love doing business with your company and are extolling the virtues of your company to others.  

In fact, the WALKER Customers Progress Report conducted in 2020, found that satisfied customers through a positive experience will be the key brand differentiator over competitors.  

The Walker Study also found that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. 

B2B organisations need to utilise customer intelligence gathered to make business decisions that inform action and promote service change. Investing in customer experience, and customer satisfaction research couldn’t be more important than it is today.  

Customers have so much choice available to them at their fingertips that customer loyalty can never be taken for granted. Unhappy customers have several platforms on which to air their grievances about any negative experience that they have had in dealing with your company and this in turn can cause untold damage to a brand and seriously impede growth.  

Therefore, EVERY company needs to ensure that it is striving to meet every requirement of its customers and when customer issues do arise, they should be positively managed as quickly as possible.  

So how to handle this? An excellent place to start is by investing in customer satisfaction surveys and not just randomly, but in a structured, regular fashion in order to monitor the experiences and satisfaction of your customer base. 


The many advantages of regularly conducting structured customer satisfaction surveys include: 

Understanding the Customer: The secret to Customer Experience innovation starts with the customer. Better understanding your customer equals a successful business. Knowing your customers is KING. 

Regular interaction and conducting survey research to expose excellent customer insights allow the organisation to make informed decisions that are in tune with their customers.

“Gathering customer feedback on existing products and services will provide you with the insight to drive future decisions, resulting in a truly customer orientated business.” 

Phil Cleave, Content Marketing Executive, Smart Survey

Fixing Reasons for Unhappiness: Identifying dissatisfied customers and addressing the causative issues can reduce churn and increase revenue. 

Customer Retention: Retaining customers costs a lot less than attracting new ones! 

Referrals: Happy customers tend to tell others about how happy they are – leading to new customers for your company. 

Competitive Value: Tracking and measuring your NPS and customer satisfaction will establish metrics that you can compare to industry competitors.  

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It is widely accepted that customers rather than complain to their current provider when faced with a negative experience will simply move to another provider. Therefore, an effective customer satisfaction survey strategy needs to provide a forum in which a customer feels comfortable sharing the details of a negative experience and provides confidence that it will be remedied quickly. The overall experience of the customer satisfaction survey should solidify even more in the mind of your customer a positive impression of your company, and their feeling of being a valued customer. 

Studies show that a satisfied customer will not only ensure continued revenue but will in fact buy more, remain a customer longer, be a lot less sensitive to price, will ultimately cost less, and will also refer new customers to you. 

A word of caution though: complicated and lengthy surveys can elicit annoyance and frustration so ensure that your survey is simple and to the point. But don’t ask just 1 question either (e.g. ‘Will you buy from us again?’). Typically, the best customer satisfaction surveys are 6 to 7 questions long.  

And remember that the most important part of the customer satisfaction survey is what you do with the answers. Don’t let them go into a ‘black hole’. Appropriate ones need to be actioned swiftly, and overall responses need to be analysed, with action points, on a regular basis. 

In summary, a well-crafted customer satisfaction survey delivered by a friendly customer service representative and with suitable follow-up procedures that ensure that issues are dealt with in full will go a long way to ensuring continued growth and profitability in your, or any, company. 

Measure the quality and effectiveness of your customer service and support representatives with a quick and tailored customer feedback survey created by Maven TM. If you would like to learn more about our Customer Satisfaction Services, please get in touch. 


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