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Telemarketing – More Than Just Appointment Setting

04 Jul 2012 | By The Maven TM Team

Telemarketing Appointment SettingMany companies make the mistake of believing that telemarketing campaigns are just about setting sales appointments. But, a well-executed telemarketing campaign will not only deliver the appointments your sales team demands; you will also get the “hidden” benefits that provide real added-value to the marketing effort.

Some of the Hidden Benefits of Telemarketing include:

-       Clean Data
-       Market Messaging
-       Target Market Intelligence
-       Brand Awareness
-       Customer Engagement
-       An Educated Target Market

Clean Data

For any marketing campaign the target list is probably one of the most important elements. Executing a telemarketing campaign gives you the opportunity to manage your database of prospects means keeping it up to date and relevant.

Market Messaging

Telemarketing provides an ideal opportunity to test different marketing messages. One of the greatest advantages is that the feedback is immediate. Your messaging can be developed and tweaked for maximum effectiveness over the course of the telemarketing campaign

Target Market Intelligence

Every marketer would like to know more about their target audience. Telemarketing provides an opportunity to gather specific information that can be used in future marketing campaigns and, more importantly, for overall marketing strategy. Asking the relevant questions and capturing this information gives you a platform for more target campaigns in the future.

Brand Awareness

We all like to this that our target market knows our brand and what it stands for. Other marketing activities such as email marketing, online and offline advertising build on this brand awareness. However, telemarketing gives an insight into brand awareness that you cannot get otherwise. Because you are directly engaging with your customers and/or prospects, you have control over your brand awareness.

Customer Engagement

Many telemarketing campaigns focus on existing customers in an effort to x-sell or up-sell. There is also the added benefit of reaching out to your customer and keeping them engaged with your company, your brand and your product.

An Educated Target Market

No matter how well known your company, brand or product is, there is always an opportunity to further educate your target market. You might want to tell your customers and/or prospects about new features or functionality in existing products or let them know about brand new products and services.

Of course, telemarketing campaigns will always be judged on the Return-On-Investment (ROI) and this will be directly related to the value of the appointments set. However, the true value of the telemarketing campaign is significantly higher when the “hidden” benefits are also kept in focus.

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