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Why Does Lead Scoring Matter?

03 Jun 2022 | By Maven TM Team

When we pitch lead scoring to a client, we always get asked, does lead scoring matter? The answer is always: YES! And here is why.   


Identifying how relevant a lead is in relation to your campaign goals means time and resources are not wasted on a lead that falls outside of your campaign goals. According to HubSpot, 50% of qualified leads are ready to buy. It is vital to know where this lead sits within the sales funnel. 

A well-built lead scoring system should answer two questions for your sales team: 

  • Is this lead a good fit?  
  • Is this lead interested? 

Ultimately, a qualified lead should answer yes to both these questions, and it is worth marketing resources to accurately target that lead.  

Not only does lead scoring allow you to identify which leads are “hot”, but also leads that are “warm”, “cooler” or “cold”. These cooler and warm leads can be nurtured with information and marketing content better suited to their stage in the funnel. Cold leads can be ditched if they completely fall out of your ideal target criteria. Another approach is to target these low-scoring leads with personalized content attracting them to the solution.  

The best example of a lead scoring criterion is the geographic profile of a lead. If they fall within your targeted location criteria, they become higher rated. In a B2B marketing environment, other criteria can be determined; company scope, company headcount, company revenue, is a lead a decision-maker within his organisation, etc.  

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For example, in the case of working for our clients, Maven TM scores leads and we hand these over to our client sales department.

Having a clear definition of what a highly scored lead, and lowly scored lead means to each department helps to combine the efforts, insights, and knowledge of both the marketing and sales team.  

Sales and marketing teams must agree on criteria for lead scoring to create clear communication between these departments. And when departments work together, it increases the chance of qualifying leads. 


Who doesn’t love the ability to automate marketing efforts? Lead scoring allows you to do just that. The ability to highlight your best leads, nurture the cooler leads, and disregard the leads that do not meet your criteria is automated and better categorized through lead scoring. 

Building a workflow that can be utilized in a high-value campaign customized to the needs and requirements of those leads. The process is automated and requires less manual input, especially if the lead data is accurate and the lead scoring criteria are well built. 


Thinking of implementing lead scoring into your marketing efforts? Why not have a chat with our team and we can spend some time discussing how Maven TM can build scoring criteria specific to your needs so you don’t miss out on those all-important leads!

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