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Why does a B2b business needs a blog?

13 Apr 2021 | By Gerard Bonner

The B2B sales cycle can be long and complex, content marketing is a way to demonstrate your value to buyers wherever they are along the sales funnel. One of the easiest ways to deliver valuable content to your target audience is through a B2B blog, blogging can also build your authority online which is not only important to buyers but in terms of SEO also. If you haven’t started blogging, then by the end of this article you’ll understand why you should.

Business blogging is a deliberate technique in which businesses use blogs to market their products or services, communicate with their target audience, and improve their internet visibility. It involves generating and disseminating useful, relevant, and informative information that is appealing to the target audience. Businesses may build thought leadership, boost website traffic, enhance search engine results, and eventually generate leads and conversions by routinely creating high-quality blog entries, all of which contribute to their overall business success.

8 Reasons why you should start blogging in 2023

  1. Improve SEO: Blogging improves SEO by providing more quality content for search engines to read on your website, increasing the chances of appearing higher in search results. Blogs are a great way to target keywords that your audience is using.

  2. Educate Prospects: Every blog post you publish is an opportunity to answer a question your target audience is looking for. This can be about your industry in general or details about your own product or service.

  3. Build Authority: Blogs establish credibility and provide prospects with confidence that you are an industry expert. This authority is important for Google rankings and can help with your SEO efforts.

  4. Attract Qualified Leads: Blogs not only drive leads back to your website but also help attract more qualified leads. By blogging about topics relevant to your ideal customer, you attract the right kind of buyer.

  5. Drive Long-Term Results: Unlike PPC strategies that deliver results until the budget runs out, blogs continue to work for your business driving traffic and generating leads long after they are published.

  6. Convert Traffic: Blogs give you an opportunity to convert website traffic into leads. Calls to action can be embedded into blog posts, guiding visitors into your sales funnel through well-placed CTAs.

  7. Convey Personality: Blogs provide an opportunity for your business to appear more human by showcasing your unique voice and personality. This can help build brand affinity.

  8. Supply Your Social Feed: Blogs can provide you with content to share across all your social channels, allowing you to keep your followers engaged and informed. Longer-form blog posts can also be broken down into shareable bite-sized pieces.

Blogs are inexpensive to get started and once you have developed yours keeping it up to date with quality content is not labour-intensive. As more and more B2B buyers consume content along their purchase journey, give yourself the best possible chance to be considered by showing your expertise on your very own blog.

So, you’re ready to deliver value to your target audience through blogging but not sure where to start? Why not reach out to Maven TM and find out how our team of experts can help you create and deliver valuable content to your target audience? We can guide you through content creation, helping to develop ideas to keep your blog up to date as well as helping you promote through various digital channels. We can even create and post blogs on your behalf.

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