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5 Tips for Making the Most of your Telemarketing Data

11 Jul 2012 | By The Maven TM Team

How to use telemarketing dataWe previously looked at some of the less obvious benefits of telemarketing and saw that 2 of them in particular are only realised once the campaign has finished; Clean Data and Market Intelligence. Gathered over the course of the campaign, clean data and market intelligence can be used again and again to drive forward other marketing initiatives.

Great effort has been put into selecting the target list, developing a message for the campaign and actually executing the calls. But what happens once it’s all over? The appointments and sales-qualified leads get passed over to Sales. What about the rest of the data?

1. Create a Data Plan

Marketers should have an overall data plan right from the beginning of the telemarketing campaign. This plan will include the type of contact information required, the market intelligence required and how it will all be reported. Reporting the data gathered will help build out profiles of your prospects which can be used for future marketing initiatives.

It gives you insights into your target market, your customers, your competitors and your messaging.

2. Avoid the Trap

Many marketers are looking for specific findings when they set out to gather marketing intelligence from a telemarketing campaign. To avoid this common mistake, consider what data will be useful to you before you launch the campaign and build this into your campaign goals and targets.

3. Gather Useful Market Intelligence

Each company will have market intelligence requirements specific to their campaigns. The most important thing to understand is how this data can be meaningful and useful. For example, some marketers will be happy to know the size of the companies they are targeting, whereas others will want to drill down for more specific information like where the target is in terms of their buying cycle.

Some examples of market intelligence that is commonly reported on:

  • Industry sector
  • Number of users
  • Number of locations/sites
  • Current provider
  • Current solution
  • Industry events they attend
  • End date of current contract

4. Capture the Data

Thought must also be given to how this information is captured and reported. If you are working with a telemarketing agency, do you give them access to your CRM or are you passing files over and back via email? All this should be worked out before the campaign is launched.

5. Use the Data

Reported campaign findings will give you some useful insights that can be applied to future campaigns. Don't leave this data to stagnate. Analyse and learn from your reports and apply this information to future marketing initiatives like events and email campaigns. You'll see improved results for all your campaigns, ultimately driving new leads, better business development and increased sales.

If you have any questions, or would like further information, please contact us.

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