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Using LinkedIn for Telemarketing

04 Oct 2012 | By The Maven TM Team

LinkedIn for TelemarketingThis week we are taking a look at LinkedIn, a useful and free tool that can be used by inside sales people and telemarketers in their day to day roles.

Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation

LinkedIn has fast become one of the most useful free tools available online for sales people. LinkedIn now has over 100 million users and is adding a new member to the network every second.  One of its key differentiators is that member profiles are created and updated by members themselves so LinkedIn profiles are usually accurate and up-to-date. A quick people search before making a call gives insight into your prospects role, responsibilities and experience to date.

LinkedIn People Search

LinkedIn People Search functionality is a powerful tool which can help telemarketers and lead generators to find relevant target contacts in specific industries, roles, geographies and even companies. For example, if you are selling a cloud solution for Sales Forecasting, you will be targeting Sales Directors, Sales Managers and Sales Operations Managers. You can do this by choosing the Advanced Search option. There you have options to focus your search by Function = Sales and Seniority Level = Manager/CXO/Director. You can further target results by Industries, Groups, Company Size, Country etc.

If you have already identified the person you need to speak with in a target organisation and found them using LinkedIn People Search, you can view their profile and see their career experience, what other companies they have worked in and, importantly, what is their current role and responsibilities within the target organisation.

LinkedIn Company Search

Similarly, most companies nowadays have a LinkedIn company page. Here you will find a snap shot of company information including a Company Overview, Products, Services and Employee Insights. From a telemarketing point of view, this can be very useful to get an understanding of your target company before making a call.

LinkedIn Companies search is also great for identifying companies that you may not have been previously on your target list. The search allows you to identify companies by Keyword, Location, Industry and Company Size. Once you have identified a new target, you can view the company information and very often find contact details and/or a link to the main company website.

LinkedIn Groups

Joining LinkedIn groups is a great way of connecting and networking with other professionals who have a similar interest in a specific topic. The information shared within speciality groups keeps members up-to-date on industry related news. Telemarketers should monitor top stories and trending articles so that they know the latest industry news and can speak in a general but educated way with industry peers about a range of industry issues.

By contributing to Groups, answering questions and even setting up your own LinkedIn Group, you’ll be recognised amongst your peers as a thought leader.

Cold calling does not have to be completely cold when you use LinkedIn. Knowing more about your prospect improves your engagement as it allows you to create relevant compelling scenarios, focused on your prospects business and/or industry.LinkedIn can give you the insight you need about your prospects before you begin to dial their number!

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