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Love is in the Air – Romancing Your Career

14 Feb 2013 | By The Maven TM Team

LoveheartsValentine’s Day is once again upon us. Like it or loathe it, there's no escaping it. Do you look on it as Hallmark holiday or the perfect opportunity to shower your loved one with affection? Either way, the fact remains that the passing of Saint Valentine on February 14th in the year godknowswhen has ensured that this annual tradition impacts us all. If, like me, you are a romantic incompetent the pressures of the day can cause untold anxiety and sleepless nights.

And that got me thinking – our love life and working life can sometimes have uncanny similarities (don’t worry I have the “Romance Helpline” on speed dial!). Honestly though, let’s take a look at the processes involved….

Stage 1. The Dating Scene

The early days of our career path is filled with discovery. For many of us we don’t really know what we want. We can spend many years flitting from one romance to the next, always learning which attributes take our fancy and those that leave a somewhat bitter taste in the mouth. It is a fine tuning process which will ultimately shape our future direction.

Stage 2. The Real Deal

Just like the first date, your first interview for your dream job is fraught with nerves and anxiety. You long to impress; making sure you say all the right things! Making the best first impression confirms your position as Number 1 contender and interview (date) number two is a shoe-in.

Stage 3. The Early Enthusiasm.

The interview rounds are over and the job is yours. You can't believe how lucky you are that a great company has picked you! You are going to make sure they know they have made the right choice. In the early courting stage of romance we seem to put so much effort into matters such as appearance, punctuality and desire to impress. Just like that new job. You arrive with hair neatly trimmed, clothes dry cleaned, shoes polished to within an inch of their existence. Not only are you on time – you're early so you have time for a coffee and get a head start on your emails. At the end of the day you hate to tear yourself away and a job well done is reward enough for all your dedication.

Stage 4. “No, you hang up”

Ah, love is in the air! Whatever the boss wants, it’s never a problem. You go that extra mile so that targets are being met and your new-found love is happy. You have been earmarked as the company's newest rising star. Team-work and collaboration are the order of the day. Confrontation never even enters the equation. This is utopia and all is rosy in the garden.

Stage 5. Getting Engaged

Weeks, months and years have passed. You have found your place, your niche, your perfect match. Temptation has flirted with you and job offers have come and gone. And, although these offers promised rich rewards, in your heart you always knew you were in the right place. That’s it then, decision made. It’s time to commit!

Stage 6. "I Do"

You now know where your long term future lies. There will be highs and lows along the way but never will you face these alone. You put everything you have into this sometimes turbulent bond. And all that you give, you receive tenfold. The pragmatist would say that sometimes even the greatest relationships end in divorce but the old romantic stays true to their vision. Ultimately long term survival in either your love life or your career requires hard work, dedication, passion, forgivness and a whole chunk of investment!

So good on ye St. Valentine. I have no idea what your origins are, but one thing is for sure. Around the 14th of February each and every year, you at least get us thinking!

Roger Brennan

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