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Linkedin: Generate leads with no Spend

16 Nov 2020 | By Gerard Bonner

A recent study by AdMixer found 56% of brands surveyed expect Lead Generation to be the most crucial marketing aspect in 2021. Our last blog explained why LinkedIn is the perfect platform for lead generation but what if I told you LinkedIn can generate those leads without you spending a penny? Many of the actions the 260 million monthly active users undertake regularly can be useful when it comes to finding leads, however, it may require a slightly more strategic thought process. Read on to learn how you can get yourself ready to start capturing leads without the spend.

Create a strong brand foundation

Organic Lead Generation on LinkedIn is no different from any other marketing activity, to be successful you must first build a strong brand identity on the platform. Three of the key tools for laying your brand foundation are as follows:

LinkedIn Company Page

Your LinkedIn company page will be where you tell your company’s story. Firstly, include the company logo, visual aspects of your company are up to 65% more likely to be recalled than lengthy text. Next will be an overview of your company’s mission and values, use keywords and language relevant to your desired audience. Basic information such as your website information, location, industry, and scale of your organisation should be included. Finally, finish with a call to action.

Showcase Pages

Showcase pages are simply extensions of your LinkedIn Page. Useful for highlighting the most prominent brands for companies with several, they can also be used for individual products or different business lines or initiatives within your company. They allow you to further segment your audience and target them more accurately with relevant content.

Long-Form Posts

Publishing long-form posts can help your company grow its audience and network quickly. They are longer than standard posts and so offer a platform to develop your company’s message and provide valuable information with 70% of people preferring to get information from a blog or article rather than traditional forms of advertising.

Carefully select your topics and ensure that you provide useful information that they cannot get elsewhere. Create content specifically for LinkedIn or use already existing content to create articles for your LinkedIn page. LinkedIn Company Page’s blogging tool integrates your posts into your page.

Build & engage your network

LinkedIn is a social network, so network! Building a large connection list and engaging in conversations can help nurture leads. This infographic outlines 3 simple steps to find and capture potential leads: 


Showcase your expertise

Appearing as a knowledgeable and credible source of information to your connection list will help generate leads for your business. The most important thing is that you show your value to your connections through your actions so when they are ready to start a purchase journey you are at the front of their mind.

Daily Insightful Posts

After we find and connect with potential leads they will see your posts in their feed. However, with 280 billion feed updates across LinkedIn annually we must stand out to our audience. Creating content daily for LinkedIn may seem time-consuming, it doesn’t have to be. You can repurpose previously existing content from other social platforms or blogs, give opinions and predictions on where you think your industry is going or share news and developments within your industry with your reactions.


LinkedIn Groups are a valuable source of information for professionals, they can also help generate leads for your business. A group presents you with a tailor-made group of individuals who are interested in a specific topic which is relevant to your business. Interacting in groups shows your value, by providing insights and sharing information with potential leads. The primary goal when using groups is to educate the members. This will not only showcase your expertise but help build trust.


LinkedIn Events allow you to deliver valuable information to your connections as well as discover more. Creating an Event on LinkedIn is easy, and the analytical tools available on company pages allow you to gain insight into the attendees. The list of attendees we now know are interested in that topic can be further targeted with more personalised messages and converted into leads.

While organically finding and nurturing leads can be a worthwhile addition to your lead generation process. It can be time-consuming and a labour-intensive activity: locating, connecting and messaging potential leads. Here at Maven, we have spent hours getting to grips with Lead Generation through LinkedIn. If you feel like you would like to know about how we can help you fill your sales pipeline, please feel free to contact us. This is the second in our series of blogs exploring LinkedIn as a means to generate leads, check out how paid strategies on LinkedIn can be used to fill your sales pipeline to capture more leads! 

Thanks for reading!

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